My favourite question is “what’s the point?”. My second favourite is “who cares?”. They sound blunt and I don’t (usually) ask them like that, but they’re questions that are fundamental to most of our work in the non-profit and charity sector.


When I was about 11 I got sick of people asking me if I wanted to be a journalist like my parents. So I decided I would never be a writer. I went into charities instead. In communications. Where I… wrote. A lot. Apparently, there was no escape.

Digital Engagement

There are so many moving parts involved in digital engagement it can be hard to know where to start. But really it’s about making it easy for people to see what your organisation is about and making it even easier for them to jump on board. From strategy to implementation, I can help you build better digital engagement journeys to recruit and retain supporters.

Measuring effectiveness

Early on in my career, I did a lot of communications work that frankly probably didn’t achieve very much. But I had no way of knowing because I hadn’t learned the magic of measuring my effectiveness. And then I started working in digital and a whole new world opened up.