My favourite question is “what’s the point?”. My second favourite is “who cares?”. They sound blunt and I don’t (usually) ask them like that, but they’re questions that are fundamental to most of our work in the non-profit and charity sector.

I work with clients who are trying to make change happen by:

  • facilitating workshops to help them figure out the elements of their strategy including goals, audiences, targets, tactics and performance indicators
  • supporting them to think through the long term implications of decisions around systems and tools to support their strategy
  • writing strategy documents that focus on tying together the big picture vision with the steps that you’ll need to work from to implement it.

I’ve written strategies for communications and digital teams and specific campaigns. I’ve also often been responsible for making sure they’re implemented, so I know the value of a strategy that is clear and useable for everyone involved in making sure it gets delivered.

Whatever it is you need your strategy to do, I’ll help you identify your priorities, targets, audiences and tactics and put it all together into a useful, usable strategy.