There are so many moving parts involved in digital engagement it can be hard to know where to start. But really it’s about making it easy for people to see what your organisation is about and making it even easier for them to jump on board. From strategy to implementation, I can help you build better digital engagement journeys to recruit and retain supporters through:

  • Strategy and planning for recruiting new supporters through digital channels including Facebook ads, Google AdWords and Care2 etc.
  • Devising and developing creative online campaign actions based on both meaningful campaign and lead generation goals.
  • Email journey planning for both recruitment of new supporters and reactivation of existing supporters. I can help with structuring and content planning to make sure journeys achieve what you need and keep people engaged.
  • Building campaign and fundraising actions and emails in relevant supporter engagement platforms, including actions with complex redirects for different groups of supporters and complex email journeys with multiple journey routes based on behaviour.
  • Making strategic decisions about what tools and platforms to invest in to support your digital communications goals.

This isn’t an exhaustive list so if you’d like to know more about my experience and find out if I can help you with a project just get in touch.


As an Engaging Networks Account Services Accredited Partner, I can help you recruit and retain supporters through effective strategy, optimised campaign and fundraising pages and integrated emails, including email journeys that keep people engaged and encourage them to donate to your cause.